Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 9 Putting on the roof

The roof beams only go from fron wall to back wall so we have to screw on 3 x 2 exetension to provide the overhang this will also allow the roof space to be ventillated. Having put on the extensions it was time to deck out the roof with 18mm OSB this will take the membrane and turf. It ws a bit tricky getting them on the roof but with 2 of us pushing them up 2 ladders it was not so bad.

The roof turned out tp be very square (only 7mm overall) so putting the bords on was a simple and the with almost no waste as the roof was designed to be 2.5 boards long by 4 boards wide. With a hole for the roof light. The boards were screwed in all corners and the nailed at 150mm centres all over. This made the whole structure as solid as a rock. Good day.

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