Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A bit of adjustment to the roof

Since putting the roof membrane and turf on it has rained almost continually so when Irene phoned to say the roof was full of water I was a bit worried. The weight of 3 inches of water plus all the turfs etc would be massive. So I went in today to have a look. The water was not running away as the temporary drain off was blocked. It was a good test of the roof structure which had not moved at all despite the huge weight.
I decided that I would change the roof design so I lifted the roof beams along the front of the building a couple of mms at a time and removed the rear facia so the pond liner can lap into a traditional gutter this should prevent all possible blockages and is easy to install.
Lifting the beams was a slow project but it worked a treat so the roof now has an 18mm slope over it's length. And is draining away slowly as you would expect.


Neal said...


I've been following the build of your garden studio with much interest as I'm currently building my own (foundations are poured tomorrow).

It looks like it will be great - have you any recent pictures of the finished product inside and out? Are you cladding the exterior or just painting?

The floor - how did you insulate it? I wa thinking of sealing the underside of my floor joists with OSB and placing insulation on top, then fitting chipboard flooring.

Also, the roof - I was thinking of just using 6x2 timber for joists. Did you not think these would be strong enough? Also, would you recommend leaving space for ventilation?

Any reply much appreciated!

Robin said...

we want a picture of it finished please!